2011 was a busy year for us! After years of working together we moved our DBA into an LLC. Our client base grew along with our work load. We learned about and started incorporating new web techniques for builds as well as designs. it was a great year, but there’s always room to learn and do more. We’re in the process of building a great creative studio at Luminus Media, LLC and 2012 will be an amazing start to this process.

We like to practice what we preach. Make sure you have a good brand. Stay current. Never stop learning or promoting. Know your clients so you can best serve them. These are all things good business owners know they have to accomplish and incorporate into their business plans. We’ve taken some time for ourselves over the last two-three months to touch up our image and get a fresh vibe here.

Around October 2011, we started playing with our logo. We hadn’t officially changed it since the LLC formed in January 2011. After a number of different revisions we agreed on a bolder look that retained our brand quite well. It was a great first step in the process.

Next we went through the grueling process of redesigning our own website. This is a nightmare for web firms with the amount of detail and expectation involved in reviewing your own work to go public. We decided that a clean, professional, and fun look was the best to portray our style to potential clients. I personally think we nailed it. The white design also allows us to use the work and imagery to carry the website.

We’re always suggesting clients use professional photographers for a real crisp look that visitors will respect. We had our new studio shots and promotional shots professional taken to emphasis the importance and critical nature of this approach.

Lastly we looked at our projects and starting thinking about what our past clients needs would be now as well as the evolving market of potential clients in the future.  A majority of our clients have grown into their respective markets and started playing in the world of social media and email marketing to bolster their online presence. We came up with monthly retainer plans for these types of clients that will allow them to write the content and us to whip it up in a professional email layout. Same goes for website content. We get lots of good feedback on the LM Panel CMS, but not everyone has time to use it despite the ease. So we’ve also created some monthly retainer plans for content management as well.

We’re also reaching out to the budding businesses and organizations out there with Template Express. We’re a web company that makes amazing custom websites for successful businesses, that’s a fact. Not everyone is in the market for a large custom website and we feel we should still be able to provide a web solution for those clients. Template Express is our way of providing an affordable, payment plan style, template layout for clients on a strict budget or taking a leap of faith into being a first time business owner. Yes, there are limitations. We openly admit that, it is after all a template system. But the benefits to someone with little to no web budget may be many. Our intent is for the template system to allow clients to get a head start on the web and grow into needing a larger custom website, our specialty.

Please poke around the new website, there’s lots to see. Learn more about us on our Studio page.

There’s more great news to come, but we’ll wait for official developments as we approach each exciting moment. Stay tuned to the Blog page or our Facebook page or our Twitter account for the latest!