Holidays 2011! One year ends, another one can’t start soon enough!

Hey there friends family and clients! As you can see we’ve “decorated” our office with a Christmas tree again. Scrounged up most of the same “ornaments” with some new twists. Blue Angry Bird protects it for us.

2011 was an awesome year for us. We aquired our LLC for the company. Along the way we met quite a few amazing clients and new partners as well! Without all of you we wouldn’t be what we are today. So thanks again for your continued support!

We have a lot of great things planned for 2012, but we’re keeping them a secret until January! You’ll just have to wait to hear everything while we struggle to keep it under wraps until then.

We have a few projects that will go live soon too. As always, we’re keeping busy. We’re happy when we’re busy, so keep the projects coming!

Thanks again for supporting our business! See you in 2012!

Luminus Media becomes Luminus Media, LLC

Happy New Year! 2010 was a big year for us at Luminus Media (Sharpcut Media & The Corporate Jesters) and 2011 looks to be another leap in the growth of our business. Thank you for your business and support to help make this all happen!

In 2010 some of you were introduced to Luminus Media in January after we combined The Corporate Jesters and Sharpcut Media. We started making the transition from freelancers to a small company and throughout 2010 accomplished that goal gradually. In June we moved into a new office space in the Elmwood Village near Allentown. The office is part of the Elmwood Village Creative, a floor of startup creative companies supported by Horizon Realty. In December we started organizing our LLC and preparing ourselves for the next step in our growth.

As of January 1st, 2011 we are now Luminus Media, LLC and some of you that still work with us as our freelance companies will be transferred to Luminus Media, LLC as clients in an effort to streamline our invoicing and communications.

We hope to continue growing and look forward to supporting our clients under the new organization of the company!

Elmwood Village Creative in Buffalo Rising

In June 2010 Luminus Media moved into the new Elmwood Village Creative floor at the Horizon Building at 257 Elmwood Ave.

The work environment has been fantastic working alongside Online Thymes, Nickel City Graphics, Lavelle and Lavelle Signs, and Roaming Buffaloes.

Today Buffalo Rising posted an article about the collaborative floor we are now a part of.

View the article here:

Tim Bouchard speaks at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High in Washington, DC

Tuesday May 11th, Tim Bouchard spoke in Washington, DC at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High to students about financial literacy as a business owner at a young age.

The panel, organized by WETA (a PBS affiliate station in Washington DC), consisted of Tim Bouchard, an investment professional, and a banking professional.

This was another outreach event organized by PBS in support of the “Your Life, Your Money” PBS documentary produced by WNED.