Buffalo’s Worst Website Winner: Buffalo Research!

Buffalo’s Worst Website contest has come to an end and the people of Buffalo have spoken. Out of multiple entries and five finalists, the winner of the 2014 Buffalo’s Worst Website contest is, Cynthia Van Ness from Buffalo Research!
Cynthia Van Ness runs the website, Buffalo Research and lives and breathes the Buffalo spirit. Cynthia entered the contest looking for a solution to make her site a little more user friendly and easy to navigate. Currently, the site holds massive amounts of data collected to provide to the public about the history of Buffalo.

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Project Planning: Websites for Small Businesses [video]

Earlier this month I spoke at a conference here in Buffalo, NY focused on helping new and budding small business owners develop their company.

I had a few main goals:

  • Teach about Domain Names (and to own them themselves)
  • Teach about the ways to produce a Website
  • Teach about finding a Professional
  • Teach about what to do after a Website is launched (SEO, PPC, Email, Social)

It’s hard to hold a workshop on creating a website. This talk was meant more to be an outline to set business owners free with knowledge of how to start and tackle that website project with confidence.

The video is about an hour long. Thanks to Neil at Nickel City Graphics for taping me so I could share this.

Here’s the slides:

Buffalo Rising: “Luminus Media: Young, Creative, and Investing in Downtown”

From Buffalo Rising:

Luminus Media LLC settled into their new location last week in the Pierce Building downtown in Main Street’s 600 block. The company is run by the young dynamic duo of Mike LaDuca, the creative director, and Tim Bouchard, the programming director. The pair works on all things design related and social media including, website design, graphic design, and email marketing. Basically, everything a company could want to effectively and creatively get their brand out to the public.

The company moved from their previous location in the Elmwood Village Creative (257 Elmwood Avenue) in the Horizon Building because they had outgrown the space. “We just needed more space,” said Mike LaDuca, the creative director, “Another big reason for our move was because we wanted a conference room. It worked well, [at the Horizon Building] but we outgrew the space quickly.”

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