When it comes to digital marketing, I’ve found that many people want to do one of two things: try to do every digital marketing strategy at once or exist in a state of analysis paralysis. Guess what? Both of these methods result in poor results. There’s an overwhelming amount of possibilities for your brand when it comes to digital marketing and it can be tempting to throw yourself in quickly, but it’s so crucial to craft an intentioned strategy before doing anything at all.

To those who want to do it all:

Please slow down. It’s so easy to create a social profile, and just as easy to abandon it. Before starting anything, sit down with your team and set your intentions. What is your overall goal, and how can each tactic work together to achieve your goal? If it doesn’t fit in your strategy, you do not need to use it (don’t let your FOMO tell you otherwise).

(^ the ghosts of your abandoned social media pages)


If you sit down and say “Okay, we need to do SEO, Social Media, PPC, Display Ads, Video, Podcasts, Webinars, Emails…” you need to stop and reflect on why these avenues are important to achieving your goal. This step is necessary not only at the beginning of your campaign but along the way as well. If something isn’t working for you there is no need to continue throwing money into it.


To those who suffer from analysis paralysis:

Overwhelmed by it all? I don’t blame you, there’s so much take in and everything is constantly changing. The great thing is, your strategy gets to change with it! Waiting too long can mean lagging behind in the world of digital marketing, so it’s best to find a balance between diving in head-first and refusing to do anything at all.

What’s the source of your paralysis? I’ve found that as with those who want to do too much, those who over-analyze every step of the way are often unsure of how each tactic can assist in achieving goals.


Be thoughtful, but be agile

It’s important to be both well-intentioned and quick moving. It’s harder than it sounds, but once you find your stride it makes each effort easier than the last.