Introducing the end of legacy Microsoft Internet Explorer Support

I know I’m late on this news but web developers everywhere rejoice! Microsoft has finally decided to act like every other browser organization in the world and start requiring non-enterprise users to use the most recent version of their browser and no longer offer support or patches for older versions.

It’s a well known fact Microsoft has lacked in the progression of browser standards for the last decade. IE6 was a great browser, in 2001, but once the open-source movement and Google got involved Microsoft became the dud of the bunch.

This year Microsoft announced that in January 2016 they will end security support for IE9 and lower giving into the reality that the browsers just aren’t secure or capable of running modern websites properly.

At Luminus we currently support Internet Explorer 8 and higher. Even though 8 has issues with responsive breakpoints, it still renders out a decent (and usable) fixed size site layout. It will be a refreshing change to see the small Internet Explorer market share shift towards IE 10+ (most of which may be forced into using the latest, just like FireFox, Chrome, & Safari).


Official infor can be found here: