Guest Post by TJ Murrin

I won’t argue that this a good comparison, but a logo is a lot like an iceberg; there is always more below the surface. Again, it’s not super profound or original, but follow my logic for a few moments.

What is a logo?

A logo can be few lines, geometries shapes and/or letters organized in a distinct manner. Honestly, a logo is a symbol that carries no magical power. A well crafted logo design should catch the attention of an onlooker, but may not get them in the door. They are busy and have places to go.

But this symbol does matter to a select few. It may be a subconscious connection; a feeling manifesting itself into desire. These customers feel driven not by great graphic design (unless it’s a logo designer), but by a desire to go out of their way to return and connect with this business, again and again. To them this shop is part of their lives. It may not play a major role, but if it were to close tomorrow they would be at a loss.

Businesses or organizations like these are not commodities; they are brands. They represent an ideal driven by a set of values that is hard to find in their given market. These ideals aren’t slogans, catches phrases, and empty promises on a website, or inspirational cat posters. No, these ideals have become intentional choices and actions that go unnoticed to passers-by, but experienced by every customer who enters its door.

So what does this have to do with a logo?

To most onlookers your logo looks like another piece of ice to avoid, but to a few there is depth behind that symbol that is hard to put into words. They see that piece of ice and think, “Hmmm, maybe just a quick stop…”