What is a logo? The “Iceberg” Comparison

Guest Post by TJ Murrin

I won’t argue that this a good comparison, but a logo is a lot like an iceberg; there is always more below the surface. Again, it’s not super profound or original, but follow my logic for a few moments.

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Using Mockups to Enhance Presentations

As a designer, there are few things more appealing than a well crafted logo isolated on a sea of white space. Free from all other visual distraction, all focus is on the design. But that’s not a logo’s natural habitat. Logos live in the real world; on letterheads and business cards, on websites, on billboards and t-shirts and coffee mugs – basically everywhere except vast, uninterrupted fields of white.

So why then, when sending concepts to a client, is it customary to send them in this stark fashion? It’s true that it’s important for the client to see your designs in a distraction-free setting but it is a much more accurate representation of how a logo will eventually look if it is given some environmental context.

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9 Things To Remember When Communicating With Clients

As creative professionals we rely on having a steady flow of jobs to keep us in business as well as staying forward thinking and pumping out great work. We love telling friends about new projects and the new exciting things we learn along the way.

We also sometimes hate clients. We hate that they hold us back. We hate that they don’t understand us. We make websites like “Clients from Hell” to mock them anonymously and vent. While these things help us cope, they don’t help us help clients.

I’ve picked a few aspects of client communication that I think everyone needs a reminder on. No, I’m not reinventing client communication in this post. This post is a litmus test for your psyche. This isn’t a one-time read. I think you should bookmark this and read it every month to bring you back down to earth and retain your sanity.

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Steps to Make Writing a Blog Post Easy

We’ve all been in this situation before. That moment you have a great thought or discover something new, then your mind starts racing, and you think to yourself “I need to tell other people about this.” As creative people and builders we find ourselves in this situation often as we pursue bigger and better work in our daily lives.

The problem is that we rarely act on that urge. Some of us aren’t naturally gifted writers that can whip up an interesting and inspiring 500 word essay to share with our peers and followers. We’re also busy people, so when we think about work related topics outside of work, we become disinterested.

The goal of this post will be to motivate and guide you through taking a very simple thought and expanding it into a fully written piece.

I will preface this by saying you do not need to do these steps all at once, but you should do them in order.

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Learn to Manage Distractions at Work

So you’ve found yourself at a company you like, doing work you like, but struggling to stay focused. It’s possible you’re being affected by a number of influences that break your attention and cause you to lose your focus. These influences are not always a bad thing, but can cause negative effects when it comes to you actually accomplishing the goals you have in front of you on a daily basis.

We all want to be good at our jobs (I hope), but we also want to have fun and avoid being stressed. Unfortunately we commonly seek out fun distractions or in some cases accept their presence so often that we actually cause stress. If that sounds counterintuitive, that’s because it very much is.

This post is about reducing your stress at work. I’m going to make points that will sound outright wrong, but after taking a few seconds to step back, will reveal themselves as such common sense you will question your entire being. I’m kidding, but the concept of this will sound tougher than it actually is.

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Accurately Quote Design Using Golden Mean Pricing [eBook]

We’ve all been there before. You’ve been approached to work on a project as a freelancer or small business owner. The client has unloaded a ton of information during a sit down that you have to digest and turn into a proposal that breaks down the scope of work and cost. Now you’re knee deep in the sales process faced with the challenge of assigning a price to a project requiring a range of creative services.

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Just Be You

Hi, I’m Amanda….a rookie here at LUMINUS! What I mean by that is that i’m a new intern here and I would like to share with you my experience so far and why you should also become an intern here at LUMINUS!

Go out and meet people, make connections, and show that you are really into what you love.

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Rants of a Reflective Rookie

Hello There.

I’m Shakeel.

The fancy jargon for what I’ve been gaining experience in at LUMINUS is called Digital Marketing.

I must say that I learned quite a few things that I couldn’t otherwise at that 40-hour thing known as my current job.

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We Are Very, Very Proud of the District 2 Regional Addy Winners from Buffalo

We got our hands on the breakdown of this year’s regional Addy’s winners from Buffalo.

Regionals are a big deal. Locally, we all go up against each other, which is exciting and inspiring and intoxicating. Regionally, we go up against 13 other clubs in our district (District 2 of the American Advertising Federation). That includes DC, Albany, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other major metros.

So we’re really proud to see Buffalo out there killing the game. To our peers: congratulations! Buffalo rules and so do you. We’re really proud to be a part of this community.

This blog post runs down the just the professional winners for now.

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How Identity Marketing Shapes B2B Content

I was reading a recent report from HubSpot and Buzzsumo that breaks down what types of content perform well for B2B and B2C marketing and one line in particular caught my eye:

“The aim of a B2B company in many ways is to make their buyer look like a hero inside their organization.”

In other words, maybe more so than B2C content (which tends to be more focused on entertainment), B2B content is often directed towards the ego. I don’t mean that in the sense that you’re trying to flatter your prospect. Rather, your prospect will assess the value of your content based on the kind of person that content might enable them to be.

“Nobody wants to be a shill for your brand… but they are happy to share information and content that helps them promote their own identity.”

Concerns like “is it true? Is it interesting? Is it relevant?” are still important, but in terms of value assessment, they’re sublimated to “how smart will I look quoting this in front of my boss?”

Content marketing with these kinds of concerns in mind is what I call “identity marketing.” It’s not a step-by-step process so much as a guiding question. With this content, what identity am I enabling my reader to adopt?

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