Mobile Ready Websites Increase Sales

“Mobile ready websites increase sales”

It’s a bold statement, but one that can be said with more confidence as each day passes in this new smartphone encouraged “instant access” world we live in.


As of May 2013, 56% of the mobile market is using a Smartphone (iPhone, Droid, etc.) to browse the web on the go. Not far behind, is the new boom in the tablet market, now overtaking the desktop world.

It’s a new reality that as high as 25% of your web traffic is being viewed on a non-desktop device.

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The New Web: Content is King

The world of website standards is constantly changing. With the introduction of new devices literally every year, the browsers that accompany them, and the varying screen sizes, you can never really know how someone will try and access your site.

We’ve mentioned before (as the web world has been noting for the better part of 2 years) that responsive design has taken a front seat in the web production process. Along with that, search engines have been fine tuning their methods for discovering the best relevant pages for search results.

Both of these new standards have made one thing and one thing only the most important part of your website:

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Responsive Design: Raising the Bar

Responsive web design is the new standard. We expect websites to read well on  a variety of devices, from the 27 inch screen of our computer down to the 3 inch screen of our smart phone. In order to standardize how a user experiences the website, developers and designers must work together. When designing a responsive site developers must account for a variety of devices and therefore must tailor the design and layout of the site to each of these devices.

There are two general categories for responsive sites. The first contains basic responsive sites that rely on media queries, a form of screen size detection, and will shift parts of the site around as the screen width grows and shrinks. The second contains the fluid site, which behave exactly as they sound, widths and sizes change fluidly with the window size. Everything slides around and adjusts seamlessly. Fluid designs are a little bit trickier because the designer must define a breakpoint, a size at which an element will stop resizing and will shift its position in the flow of the layout. For instance, a two column layout will become a single column layout, as one column will shift below the other. The best design, though, is one that uses both of these aspects and takes advantage of both media queries and fluidity to render well on all devices.

The easiest way to implement media queries and fluidity is through a framework. There are many different frameworks. The most complete include: Twitter Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation, and Skeleton. There are also many lighter weight options, which only develop a responsive layout, as opposed to offering full styling of the websites design. The next time you browse a website, resize it to see how the elements react and interact.

Domain Assignment: Patience is a Virtue

OK, so you have a brand new website made by a super cool company called Luminus Media. What now? Well, if you are hosting with this super cool company, it’s now time to point to domain to our servers. There’s two ways this happens:

  1. Change Name Servers: This is like hiring a new general manager. It moves ALL domain control to the new server.
  2. Change A Record IP: This is like hiring a new department manager. It only points the part of the domain that you specify. Mainly used for pointing the domain to one location for the website and another for a large email hosting service.

Well we know the gameplan now, so what’s next. Either your domain manager or web company (with login access to your account) will execute one of the above tasks to point your domain to the website hosting server. They will tell you immediately that it has been done.

Here is the fun part that web providers as well as website owners hate, but it needs to be clarified (excuse the following capslock)….


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Buffalo Rising: “Luminus Media: Young, Creative, and Investing in Downtown”

From Buffalo Rising:

Luminus Media LLC settled into their new location last week in the Pierce Building downtown in Main Street’s 600 block. The company is run by the young dynamic duo of Mike LaDuca, the creative director, and Tim Bouchard, the programming director. The pair works on all things design related and social media including, website design, graphic design, and email marketing. Basically, everything a company could want to effectively and creatively get their brand out to the public.

The company moved from their previous location in the Elmwood Village Creative (257 Elmwood Avenue) in the Horizon Building because they had outgrown the space. “We just needed more space,” said Mike LaDuca, the creative director, “Another big reason for our move was because we wanted a conference room. It worked well, [at the Horizon Building] but we outgrew the space quickly.”

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Luminus Media moving to Main St downtown March 1st 2012!

It’s been a few months in the works but we’re excited to announce that we’ll be moving our studio to the 600 Block downtown across from Shea’s Theater. We’ll be moving into a store front at 657 Main Street in the recently remodelled Pierce Building.

The move will allow us opportunites to provide a better meeting experience for our clients, re-boot our internship program, and expand our workforce in the future.

We’re excited to take these steps to improve our client relations and look to expand to better serve our clients.

Take a look below at some on the plans for the space to be implemented next month:

Luminus Media, LLC version 2.0! A whole new look and new services

2011 was a busy year for us! After years of working together we moved our DBA into an LLC. Our client base grew along with our work load. We learned about and started incorporating new web techniques for builds as well as designs. it was a great year, but there’s always room to learn and do more. We’re in the process of building a great creative studio at Luminus Media, LLC and 2012 will be an amazing start to this process.

We like to practice what we preach. Make sure you have a good brand. Stay current. Never stop learning or promoting. Know your clients so you can best serve them. These are all things good business owners know they have to accomplish and incorporate into their business plans. We’ve taken some time for ourselves over the last two-three months to touch up our image and get a fresh vibe here.

Around October 2011, we started playing with our logo. We hadn’t officially changed it since the LLC formed in January 2011. After a number of different revisions we agreed on a bolder look that retained our brand quite well. It was a great first step in the process.

Next we went through the grueling process of redesigning our own website. This is a nightmare for web firms with the amount of detail and expectation involved in reviewing your own work to go public. We decided that a clean, professional, and fun look was the best to portray our style to potential clients. I personally think we nailed it. The white design also allows us to use the work and imagery to carry the website.

We’re always suggesting clients use professional photographers for a real crisp look that visitors will respect. We had our new studio shots and promotional shots professional taken to emphasis the importance and critical nature of this approach.

Lastly we looked at our projects and starting thinking about what our past clients needs would be now as well as the evolving market of potential clients in the future.  A majority of our clients have grown into their respective markets and started playing in the world of social media and email marketing to bolster their online presence. We came up with monthly retainer plans for these types of clients that will allow them to write the content and us to whip it up in a professional email layout. Same goes for website content. We get lots of good feedback on the LM Panel CMS, but not everyone has time to use it despite the ease. So we’ve also created some monthly retainer plans for content management as well.

We’re also reaching out to the budding businesses and organizations out there with Template Express. We’re a web company that makes amazing custom websites for successful businesses, that’s a fact. Not everyone is in the market for a large custom website and we feel we should still be able to provide a web solution for those clients. Template Express is our way of providing an affordable, payment plan style, template layout for clients on a strict budget or taking a leap of faith into being a first time business owner. Yes, there are limitations. We openly admit that, it is after all a template system. But the benefits to someone with little to no web budget may be many. Our intent is for the template system to allow clients to get a head start on the web and grow into needing a larger custom website, our specialty.

Please poke around the new website, there’s lots to see. Learn more about us on our Studio page.

There’s more great news to come, but we’ll wait for official developments as we approach each exciting moment. Stay tuned to the Blog page or our Facebook page or our Twitter account for the latest!

Holidays 2011! One year ends, another one can’t start soon enough!

Hey there friends family and clients! As you can see we’ve “decorated” our office with a Christmas tree again. Scrounged up most of the same “ornaments” with some new twists. Blue Angry Bird protects it for us.

2011 was an awesome year for us. We aquired our LLC for the company. Along the way we met quite a few amazing clients and new partners as well! Without all of you we wouldn’t be what we are today. So thanks again for your continued support!

We have a lot of great things planned for 2012, but we’re keeping them a secret until January! You’ll just have to wait to hear everything while we struggle to keep it under wraps until then.

We have a few projects that will go live soon too. As always, we’re keeping busy. We’re happy when we’re busy, so keep the projects coming!

Thanks again for supporting our business! See you in 2012!

Luminus Media becomes Luminus Media, LLC

Happy New Year! 2010 was a big year for us at Luminus Media (Sharpcut Media & The Corporate Jesters) and 2011 looks to be another leap in the growth of our business. Thank you for your business and support to help make this all happen!

In 2010 some of you were introduced to Luminus Media in January after we combined The Corporate Jesters and Sharpcut Media. We started making the transition from freelancers to a small company and throughout 2010 accomplished that goal gradually. In June we moved into a new office space in the Elmwood Village near Allentown. The office is part of the Elmwood Village Creative, a floor of startup creative companies supported by Horizon Realty. In December we started organizing our LLC and preparing ourselves for the next step in our growth.

As of January 1st, 2011 we are now Luminus Media, LLC and some of you that still work with us as our freelance companies will be transferred to Luminus Media, LLC as clients in an effort to streamline our invoicing and communications.

We hope to continue growing and look forward to supporting our clients under the new organization of the company!

Elmwood Village Creative in Buffalo Rising

In June 2010 Luminus Media moved into the new Elmwood Village Creative floor at the Horizon Building at 257 Elmwood Ave.

The work environment has been fantastic working alongside Online Thymes, Nickel City Graphics, Lavelle and Lavelle Signs, and Roaming Buffaloes.

Today Buffalo Rising posted an article about the collaborative floor we are now a part of.

View the article here: