Building Materials Marketing Executed Through High Performance Websites & Digital Campaigns


Over our ten year history, we’ve developed dozens of brands along with hundreds of websites and marketing campaigns. Along the way we’ve created intense strategic processes designed to dig deep into the heart of a brand and discover its connection to the market, leading to more relevant and successful marketing communications tactics. We’ve uncovered a deep understanding of how strategy and optimized creative can truly set a brand apart from its competition, and an admiration for building materials marketing as a whole. Pairing this approach with the execution of a high performance website and measurable digital marketing campaigns allows for a confident and successful approach to the market.

At Luminus, we have a strategy-first mentality. Every brand strategy and optimized creative campaign needs a fully-informed approach to its execution. When it comes to effective marketing communications, knowing what you are, who your audience is, where to reach them, and how to reach them are the keys to a confident strategy. With those keys, we’re able to apply creative concepts that bring messaging to life and attract your ideal audience to your brand. Whether you are a business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, understanding all of these elements is necessary to success.

knowing what you are, who your audience is, where to reach them, and how to reach them are the keys to a confident strategy

Clarify Your Brand Strategy

The very first step to developing a comprehensive brand strategy is first clarifying, defining, and documenting the various aspects of a brand’s strategic direction. The Market, the target audiences, and the brand’s differentiated position. Without this foundation, any marketing effort could be based off of an assumption that will not resonate with the target audiences.

Know Your Target Audience and Understand Their Pain Points

One of the ways the building materials industry differs from other industries is the audience’s need for detailed specifications and ordering volume. With our roots born in digital and grown through strategy and creative, Luminus is well-positioned to address this unique shift from attraction to education during the audience’s consideration phase.

Give Architects, Designers, and Homeowners Resourceful Tools

The inclusion of interactive technological features such as motion graphics, 3D models, and augmented reality give the audience the tangible feedback they crave in this industry. This is why trade shows have remained so popular for customers and successful for brands. Now similar experiences can be generated digitally.

Thermory Interactive 3D Building Materials Marketing Element

Marketing Efforts Should Be Trackable

In order to continue to prove return on investment, any marketing effort through traditional or digital means should have a trackable metric. Logging website actions, visitor flows, call-to-action clicks and conversions are all opportunities to learn how your campaign is performing in real-time.

Build a Marketing Funnel That Utilizes Multiple Platforms

For impactful building materials marketing, it’s important that integrated campaigns are not just integrated between channels, but also with sales systems. This full marketing ecosystem provides all of the data necessary to confidently buy-in or pivot as needed. Marketing across multiple platforms has never been more affordable with digital channels providing thousands of targeted impressions for so little investment.

Develop Relevant Buyers Journeys and Conversion Points

Each step of an educational and resourceful building materials buyer journey involves multiple channels such as search, ads, social, content, print, email marketing, etc. Choosing the right creative collateral or content pieces for each step of the journey is critical to satisfying the exposure, research, consideration, and decision making phases. When planning for each of your audience personas, common topics and creative/content outlets will surface as priority initiatives. It’s important to start there with these high-impact pieces and integrate them into the full ecosystem of trackable marketing tactics.

Building Materials Sample Request Actions

How Have We Implemented These Tactics?

Thermally Modified Wood

For Thermory, a manufacturer of high-end, hi-tech wood products, we found the perfect balance in marketing that is visually appealing to architects while satisfying their need for detailed information through 3D models, BIM downloads, and a sample request system. The sample request system is the main metric used to gauge success. This work, along with new product launch campaigns, continues to generate interest and sales activity. Over two years, Thermory’s sales in North America have grown more than 30% each year.


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Visit the Thermory USA website.

Building Materials Distributor

Russin, formerly Russin Lumber, is a 70 year old building materials distribution company has grown into the premier distributor of high end building materials in the Northeast, but their brand presentation and messaging didn’t tell that story. This rebrand identified their newly differentiated position in the market, crafted the message behind that differentiation, refreshed the brand identity, and launched a new high performance website with measurable visitor funnel tracking paired with a collection of new digital marketing campaigns to drive qualified traffic to the site. Multiple conversion methods are used on the site to meet the needs of a variety of different visitor personas in each stage of their research and buying journeys. Besides a great new look, this work resulted in a 25% bump in website traffic, 35% reduction in bounce rate, increased time on page, and measurable growth in conversions that can be attributed to sales.


Visit the Russin website.

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Russin Building Materials Marketing Rebrand Logo Design

Russin Building Materials Marketing Website Design

Russin Building Materials Marketing Digital Marketing Campaign

DIY Caulking Product

Munro Products, a home refinishing contractor and retail manufacturer, recently created a brand new product – Caulk & Gun in One. As it approached its launch into the market, it needed an optimized creative campaign to introduce the product to the home improvement and DIY world. We stepped in and immediately dove into the different audience targets Munro was looking to get in front of. This product needed to make an impact and inform two very different types of buyers at both the retail purchasing level and the consumer level. We developed a campaign geared towards highlighting the innovation and benefits for the consumer. The campaign used social media advertising for direct consumer engagement, as well as a chair-worthy video player direct mail piece for retail purchasing agents which resulted in placement at Home Depot’s online catalog.

Visit the Caulk & Gun In One website.

Building Materials Marketing Digital Marketing Campaign

"I love working with Luminus - their creativity is incredible and a lot of fun to work with. We're an edgy company with a lot of ideas and we're hard to keep up with at times, but everyone at Luminus 'gets it' and once they see our vision, we often have a hard time keeping up with them. Great, great, great company!!!"

Kevin DeMars - Principal, Thermory USA
Source: Google

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Using Brand Strategy To Successfully Launch Product Lines
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Technology’s Role in Building Materials Marketing
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International Brand Strategy & Knowing Your Customers
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The Importance of Brand Strategy for Building Materials Manufacturers
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