Creative Agency Services

What makes Luminus a "creative agency?"

Strategic ideas, creativity and execution to drive brand engagement.

Luminus, located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, NY, is a creative agency. To understand what that means, let’s go back to the foundation of the advertising industry. There are three main pieces to the advertising puzzle – strategy/creative, media buying, and public relations. Each piece plays a role in executing marketing and advertising efforts to a brand’s audience. “Full service” agencies combine all three pieces, while others take a boutique approach and offer specialized skills in one area.

Our particular expertise resides in the building materials marketing space for products used in commercial and residential projects. Our branding approach also translates well to the restaurant / brewery branding projects and our relevant optimized marketing strategies aligned well with the home services industry. If the work has something to do with buildings or beer, we’re into it!

Building Materials Marketing

Building Materials Marketing

We bring out the story behind each brand in optimized building materials marketing campaigns that build loyalty and get audiences excited to engage.

Brewery Branding Restaurant Branding

Restaurant & Brewery Branding

Customer experience and brand loyalty play a critical role in restaurant & brewery branding strategy that leads to long-term success.

Home Services Marketing | Home Services Digital Marketing

Home Services Marketing

Companies in roofing, landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning and contracting need optimized home services marketing at a local level.


A creative agency focuses on creating strategic engagements with your brand’s audience. These engagements range from internal (culture, collateral, and processes) to external (selling and exposure marketing pieces). Creative agencies help shape every interaction between an organization and its audience. They also support business owners and marketing directors as strategic allies for current and potential branded engagement plans.


Successful creative agency services are driven by a holistic and informed brand. Investments in collateral and campaigns should follow a clear vision and work together to achieve tangible objectives beyond simply completing the projects. As a creative agency, Luminus helps plan, execute, and optimize these projects into strategic interactions with an organization’s audience. Because anything else is just expensive noise.

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